Crear watch faces amazfit bip

Crear watch faces amazfit bip

Apple watch face for amazfit bip

Of course, you won’t be able to use just any app you find in the stores. First of all, you have to be aware of what operating system your watch uses (Wear OS, Watch OS, Tizen, Amazfit OS, etc.) and then download an application compatible with it. Below, we will introduce you to the best apps for switching watchfaces, specifying which operating systems they are compatible with so that you can download the appropriate one for your smartwatch.
If you have a smartwatch that uses Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear), such as the TicWatch S or the Fossil and Michael Kors, you can change the watchface with any of the following applications.
Bubble Cloud is a launcher for Wear OS that organizes all the applications and functions of the watch in a mosaic of colored circles very attractive to the eye. To top it off, this launcher has a version for Android that allows you to make your watch and your mobile have the same style. Therefore, it seems to us one of the most beautiful watchfaces for your smartwatch.

Amazfit gts watchfaces

With this tutorial we will learn how to create or edit watchfaces or dials for the popular Amazfit BIP, since I know firsthand that not a few people would be interested in learning, I decided to create this post where I hope to clarify the basics of editing our watchfaces for the watch. I will also rely on the video tutorials I recorded for this very purpose, which I will post below. Without further ado, let’s get started.
We will begin by explaining the operation of the tool to compile and decompile the .bin. This tool has only those two purposes, however it performs more actions at the time of compiling, as a dithering to adapt the images and the colors to the screen resolution of the BIP. This process must be taken into account as it will probably “screw up” some of the images and then we will have to make some touch-ups.
Once we have downloaded the Watchface.exe tool, we unzip the .rar file in the location we want. A folder will appear with the tool and other files you need. We will have to move or copy to this same folder the .bin files we want to decompile.

Create amazfit bip watch face

As we already know, there are an infinite number of smartwatch models. Even in the case of the Amazfit Bip we have some variants, such as the Amazfit GTS, Bip S and Bip Lite. These are the watches with greater ease to download and install dials inside, since other models such as the Verge or the GTR have more complex processes and with a smaller catalog of dials. Either way, here are the best options to customize your watch.
Countless lots of dials to install on the first edition of smartwatches for Xioami. Once again, we can search by region so that the app adapts to our language, although it is always possible to filter by styles of dials to make it more comfortable for you to find them.
This application is available for all models of the smartwatch. It is available in 10 different languages and its interface will allow you to easily download your dials. Of course, you must keep in mind that to install the dials you must have the official application open for the process to run correctly.

Amazfit watch face maker

Today we bring you a guide to get the most out of your Amazfit watch. You’ll find here a series of tricks, tips and lesser-known functions, both for those who have just got a new Amazfit smartwatch and for those who have had one for a while and want to get the most out of it. All explained step by step.
One of my favorite features of Amazfit watches is that you can do exactly the opposite of what we saw before: to find the mobile when you don’t know where you’ve put it. In this case, the mobile will ring’at full volume even if it is in silent mode. Again, as long as it is turned on and near the clock.
You can find out who is calling you on the phone discreetly thanks to your Amazfit smartwatch. So when someone calls you, it will vibrate the watch and show you on the screen who is calling you.
It never hurts to get a reminder if you’re too inactive. Just like with a Mi Band, Amazfit watches can vibrate when you’ve been inactive for an hour, to remind you to move around a bit. In the settings you can set a time slot in which to receive these alerts.