Ies la marxadella torrent

Ies la marxadella torrent

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Located in the heart of Madrid, one of its main objectives is to provide its students with a cultural background that allows them easy access to the University, while making their schooling as pleasant as possible. Experienced teaching staff and a strong emphasis on languages.
At Elian’s British School our objective is excellence in English for all our students. This goal goes hand in hand with our desire to foster their self-confidence, their individual talents and their ability to cooperate in an international environment.
Our program is based on active learning. While the students are the protagonists, the motivation, training and dedication of everyone involved in the center has been and continues to be fundamental. We prepare people to grow up being responsible and integral.
Pedagogical innovation, excellent academic results. Arturo Soria is an educational reference for the high academic and human level achieved by our students, Arturo Soria is a different school, a parents’ cooperative where the participation of families is a reality and the students are the protagonists.

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The European experience is essential in the training of students and, therefore, is one of the current bets of the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) the Marxadella of Torrent, which yesterday opened the Racó d’Europa in its main hall.
Precisely from the work done by the Vocational Training section was born the initiative to involve also the School Education section in European projects. Also the actions developed in another institute of the region, the IES Salvador Gadea de Aldaia, was an inspiration for the center. And in 2019, Ana Merchant was responsible for assembling a team that has worked on the plans that were pesented to the EU and achieved a high score.
Remember that with the entry into force of the European PSD2 Regulation, a double validation process is required when making the transaction. We recommend you to have your cell phone handy. We are here to help you, 963 030 950.


The institute, located at 151 Padre Mendez Street, has always been very popular among young people due to the Image and Sound modules it houses. One of these modules is dedicated to production, whether in film, entertainment or television and makes students have to find their own way to complete a project in a fully professional manner.
So, next Saturday, February 2, eve of the Feast of San Blas and for the people to warm up, it is essential to go to I.E.S La Marxadella to be part of this great initiative.

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Next Wednesday December 9 we will hold an information session on European Erasmus+ projects that the IES La Marxadella offers to students of basic and intermediate vocational training. The meeting will be held at 14:00 in the auditorium.
The national service Erasmus+ has granted us a budget of 3,450 euros for three teachers to carry out training mobilities in educational centers in other European Union countries during the course 2020-21. This project is in addition to the KA101 and KA102 projects of which we were already informed of the award of funds and… Read more →
After intense months of preparing the European Development Plan and reflecting on the internationalization strategy, the Erasmus+ KA 101 ‘Learning in Europe’ school education project presented by IES La Marxadella de Torrent has been selected by SEPIE (Service for the Internationalization of Education). With a budget of… Read more →