Folledo de gordon

Folledo de gordon

La pola de gordónmunicipality in spain

The town of Folledo is located at a distance of 9.7 km. from the capital of the municipality. It is bordered on the north by San Martín, Pobladura and Rodiezmo de la Tercia, on the south by Paradilla and Cabornera, on the east and southeast by Buiza and on the west and northwest by Geras, Cubillas and Casares.
It concludes in this locality the road splitting in two streets. It was the Commander Nicanor Rodriguez, a native of this town, who managed in 1912 the construction of the current route from the bridge of San Pedro, passing through Buiza to conclude in Folledo, which gratefully remembers it with the corresponding plaque.
The urban structure of Folledo breaks with the linear settlement clearly observable in other localities of Gordón and justifiable, in any case, by the narrowness of its valleys. Here the urban grouping is circular, located on a slight slope and oriented to the noon.

Pola de gordón

On my trip, the Collegiate Church of Santa María de Arbás (also called Santa María de Arbás del Puerto) is open today. It’s about time to know it inside because, for many times that I have passed by this place, today will be the first time I decide to explore its interior.
It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1931. Despite this, and having escaped the burning of religious motifs, it seems to be a little abandoned to their fate by the political and religious authorities.
In Pendilla ends the asphalt but not the adventure, which will take us to the ancient cobblestones of the Via de La Carisa that ascends the hill Propinde to reach the border of Asturias, with the Pico Tres Concejos on your right.

Comarca de gordón

La hora actual en Folledo es 05:33 PM (jueves). La zona horaria local se denomina Europa / Madrid con un desfase UTC de 2 horas. Conocemos 9 aeropuertos más cercanos a Folledo, de los cuales uno es un aeropuerto más grande. El aeropuerto más cercano en España es el Aeropuerto de León en una distancia de 22 mi (o 35 km), al sur. Además de los aeropuertos, hay otras opciones de viaje disponibles (consulte el lado izquierdo).
Ya que está aquí, quizá quiera visitar algunas de las siguientes localidades: Villamanín, Carrocera, Carmenes, Vegacervera y Santa María de Ordás. Para seguir explorando este lugar, sólo tiene que desplazarse hacia abajo y consultar la información disponible.

Folledo de gordon 2020

The Romans also left their mark on these lands, building the road that linked León with Asturias, and Buiza was a place of commercial transit, as well as one of the northern routes of the Camino de Santiago. In this
Arriving at the hill of the cueto we will find an information panel where we can read, for example, the reason for the geological interest that extends beyond our borders, visiting us every summer university students from all over Europe.
On the way back, we will pass through areas where formerly there were villages such as: San Juan de las Casas, in the northern valley of Cueto S. M., Faya Abajo, located near the border with Vega, and Faya Arriba to the southeast, bordering Llombera. It is said that in the vicinity of the current cemetery there was a hermitage, although there are no visible archaeological remains.
This route begins in La Pola, where the town hall of this region is located. This town is mentioned in the writings of illustrious travelers, such as Jovellanos, who, like many others, had to pass through the town on his way to Asturias.