Restaurante el gusto es nuestro vallecas

Restaurante el gusto es nuestro vallecas

“el gusto es nuestro” restaurant

We continue our series of posts dedicated to Alberto Chicote’s program on laSexta. On this occasion, we come across the nightmare in the kitchen of El gusto es nuestro, in the Ensanche de Vallecas, an area of PAUS and urban development.
Between us, every time I hear a business referred to as a big family, I shudder. Sometimes, as in the present case, it hides a total absence of management authority, of assuming decision-making. At other times it is a rancid paternalism that hides inefficiencies, subtle exploitation, immobilism, etc. Is it not the same for you?
The family is not an Eden, but even if it were, I go to a company to work, not to establish family relationships (real family companies are something else and also problematic). The fact that we should get along well with those with whom we spend most of our time should not make us forget that the final objective is not to have fun.
Just look at Lolo’s reaction when he is accused of running the place as if it were an NGO, and he’s fine with that, since he doesn’t want to be a love child of a professional. In my humble opinion that is an insult to well-run NGOs. This is a sarao. A company, in our economic system has one basic objective: to be financially profitable, it has to generate a return for its owners. A company is there to make money. Is that so hard to understand?

Taste is ours 12-09-2012

In the heart of the neighborhood of the letters, in Huertas, Alberto Chicote faces a new challenge: to modernize and save the ‘Domine Cabra’. A restaurant that Fernando opened three decades ago and that he is handing over to his two sons, after his illness. The chef will face the unconsciousness of Xinto and Alba, and Mohamed, the cook, with whom they have more than one problem. In the end, they will take ‘the bull by the horns’ and the two young people will take the business forward.
The Colmenar road is a place of passage for hundreds of travelers. There is ‘La Ermita’, a steakhouse that is doomed to failure due to the continuous differences of its three partners Carlos, Marta and Susana, and that requires the help of Chicote. A challenge for the chef who will have to suffer the chaos of an unattended kitchen, a dining room where the dishes arrive confused and the nerves of an owner who only knows how to make excuses and blame others.

Ecuadorian restaurant “la randimpa” in madrid, subway

11/20/2012The recently released program “Pesadilla en la cocina”, hosted by renowned chef Alberto Chicote, landed a few weeks ago in Ensanche de Vallecas, in Madrid, to put order in the kitchen (and among the staff) of the restaurant “El gusto es nuestro” and relaunch it. The appearance of the television cameras in the neighborhood and the team of chef Chicote, known for his unconventional methods, caused a real stir in the neighborhood, causing the word to spread and the moment of the reopening to become a real success among the residents of Vallecas.
The irruption of the TV cameras in the area also reached the ears of our commercial team of Punto de Encuentro Norte in Vallecas, in the development Las Suertes del Ensanche (Avda. del Ensanche de Vallecas, 71).

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Its owners say that after the Pesadilla en la Cocina program edition corresponding to their restaurant, they have served 120 dinners in the same night. “His time here has been positive, we have done everything Alberto told us to do. If you don’t follow his guidelines, the effort will have been in vain”. Alicia, his co-owner, assures that they have increased their sales by 30%. They only have good words for him.
Although Rafa Soler lashes out against Chicote, his son defends him: “He gave 200% but my father blames him. I don’t want to know anything about him. We were doing great, but I did everything and my father went out partying”. He also denies the rumors that accuse the program of preparing everything.