Carretera canillas  2 – madrid

Carretera canillas 2 – madrid

City council appointment

This is the body that, in general, is responsible for the control and supervision of the District Government bodies. It deals with problems, initiatives and issues of importance to its neighbors and decisions and agreements are adopted in this regard.
Any resident may record the content of the Plenary Session by simply requesting it 5 days in advance, indicating whether he/she is doing so as an individual or on behalf of an entity or group. However, the content of the minutes is available on the municipal website, usually in the weeks following the holding of each session.

Hortaleza, madrid

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Madrid city hall

the Hermitage of San Blas and its Cemetery. The neighborhood of Canillas is part of the current district of Hortaleza, which comes from the neighboring town of Canillas, also absorbed by the same project of Gran Madrid.
The history of both towns, Canillas and Hortaleza, begins in the early Middle Ages. Between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries the cities took on a great role as the real bastions of the conquest between the Duero and the Tagus.  Curiously, this area was called the Castilian Extremadura. We must bear in mind that in addition to conquering and subduing the Muslim forces, it was also very important to settle what had been conquered and maintain the necessary fortresses to avoid losing them again.
The power granted to the cities, councils and communities of Villa y Tierra realengos served the crown to counteract the power of the nobles of the north of Castile. On the other hand, this power was an incentive for the new settlers, who would become part of the “royal” community.
This is how the first settlements were born in the northeast of the Community and Villa de Madrid, around the streams Valdebebas, Hurtamojones, Gaciruelo, …. and it is in the stream of Rejas where the first houses of Hortaleza and Canillas were established, equidistant to the stream, and separated from each other by four hundred steps. The Rejas stream ran along the current Gran Vía de Hortaleza.

Attention to the citizen madrid

It has appeared in Hortaleza, in a garden on the Canillas road, disoriented with an injured right wing. It is a griffon vulture, 1.5 meters high. The neighbors immediately contacted the Municipal Police, whose agents of the Environment Unit captured it and transferred it to the Wild Bird Recovery Center for its evaluation and recovery.
In La Comunidad de Madrid, there is a group of griffon vulture specimens and it is not the first time that agents have had to rescue a specimen in the cpaital. In 2014, in the district of Tetuán, they already carried out an intervention.
The agents of the Environment Unit are specialized in these incidents and have rescued all kinds of animals, such as snakes, wild birds, horses or iguanas, in the city, at the request of citizens. In 2014 they even intervened due to the presence of a plague of Madagascar cockroaches, a giant flying species that frightened the residents of Tetuán.