Balneario alicun de las torres

Balneario alicun de las torres

Alicún de las torres spa resort

The reason for the existence of such a unique place is undoubtedly due in large part to the mineral-medicinal waters that flow naturally and abundantly. Its healing properties, combined with our extensive thermal experience provide an attractive offer with effective therapeutic solutions.
The beauty of the environment (protected area), the historical vestiges that we find in it (Cultural Interest Site), and other singularities that go beyond the obvious, can be shared and unveiled throughout the stays.

Thermal pool of zújar

Surrounded by lush groves of trees is located the Spa of Alhama de Granada, with a privileged natural environment that invites you to relax. It enjoys the goodness of the climate of the area, with many hours of sunshine per year, without intense winds and pleasant temperatures in the summer months.
The history of La Malahá, in the province of Granada, is written around the water of its pools, its salt mines, the Salado River, its irrigation channels and, above all, its thermal baths, which today give the municipality the title of thermal village. Four springs of thermal waters seduced a multitude of civilizations. Iberians, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs knew how to see the value of these mineral-medicinal waters, with which La Malahá enjoyed great periods of splendor and became one of the most important thermal facilities of the Roman Empire. Today they shine again after their recent recovery in this functional and cozy complex.

Alhama de granada spa resort

– Distance to Guadix: 30 km, 25 min.  – Distance to Baza: 45 km, 35 min.  – Distance to Granada: 80 km, 1 hour – Distance to Granada airport: 95 km, 1 hour – Distance to Malaga airport: 200 km, 2 hours.
The 3-star Hotel Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites is located in the city of Granada in Andalusia. This hotel has comfortable and fully equipped rooms, Spa, restaurant, meeting rooms for business meetings and conferences….
Barceló Cabo de Gata, hotel located on the beachfront of the wide bay that connects Cabo de Gata with the city of Almería. It has a Spa, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms for events, gardens, parking, laundry services, bicycle rental, etc….

Balneario de lanjarón

Comienza frente al Hotel Reina Isabel y sube por la carretera hasta llegar a un camino con varios dólmenes en buen estado. A continuación se puede continuar el paseo por una senda que desciende por un yacimiento del Paleolítico Superior.
Al final, podemos caminar por una pared de piedra caliza formada por las lluvias y la sedimentación. Encontraremos una zanja probablemente utilizada durante el Paleolítico y con una longitud de un kilómetro. Es una formación única en el mundo y enmarcada como uno de los puntos de interés geológico del Geoparque de Granada.