Avenida de las razas sevilla

Avenida de las razas sevilla

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Editor. The new urban port district of Seville is closer to becoming a reality. The Port Authority of Seville (APS) has presented today before the Urban Planning Management the proposal of the Special Plan of the ARI-DBP-08 avenida de Las Razas of the PGOU of Seville for its corresponding urban development processing and subsequent approval. This Special Plan will organize the urban uses of the current plots and industrial facilities located on the eastern side of the Avenida de Las Razas, the closest to the Reina Mercedes university area.
Prior to the submission of the Special Plan, in August 2018, the Port Authority submitted the request to the Urban Planning Management for the initiation of the strategic environmental and territorial assessment for said Plan. In February 2019, the APS received the favorable strategic environmental report issued by the Territorial Delegation of the Environment.
“The Special Plan is a fundamental step in the urban planning process to transform Las Razas Avenue,” said Rafael Carmona. In this regard, he stressed that the area is expected to “coexist technology-based companies with a strong innovative character with other tertiary uses, such as hotels, and open spaces and green areas. In short, we want to create a new balcony overlooking the river so that the city can look out over its port”.

Sevilla park

Once on the ring road around the city (SE-30/E-803), take exit 12 and go straight on until the third traffic circle. Cross the Las Delicias bridge and turn right at the second street. The parking lot is about 200 m. away.
(*) Rates. Overnight stay + change of water: 10€/day. Electricity: 5€/day. In the area there is a supermarket, restaurants, bakeries, workshop and other services. More info: +34 665 878 611.
Located next to La Palmera Avenue and about 5 minutes from Maria Luisa Park. Well connected by bus, cab and bike path to the city center. Just in front (on the other side of the river) is the Feria de Abril.

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The Port Authority of Seville (APS) and the City Council have reached an agreement to initiate a modification of the urban planning of the ARI-DBP-08 area, located on the eastern side of Las Razas Avenue. This area will reduce its buildable area by 30% and will change from Advanced Services to residential and tertiary uses.
This will complete the reorganization of the transition zone from the port to the city, which is already in progress, with the modification of the planning of the land at the western end of the Batán with possibilities for facilities, tertiary uses and open spaces; and with the project for the urban port district with space for entrepreneurship, innovation, commercial and leisure initiatives.
These port lands on Avenida de Las Razas are located next to the historic warehouses of El Puerto. Specifically, the agreement affects a strip of land of approximately 165,000 square meters of surface of the Port of Seville in which these warehouses and warehouses that separate the city from the new urban port district.

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For this reason, the modification of the PGOU file applied to the ARI-DBP-08 area is proposed to allocate it to residential use and with a reduction of the buildability of almost 30%. Thus, it will go from more than 137,000 square meters to 98,000 square meters, which will favor the port-city transition and the permeability of the city towards the dock. On this land, 57,400 square meters will be used for free housing; 24,600 square meters for subsidized housing; and 16,000 square meters for tertiary uses.