Ignacio villalgordo twitter

Ignacio villalgordo twitter

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The second of the axes also has security as a protagonist. The firm has set out to reduce the risks of cybercrime thanks to solutions such as Cloud Secure or Active IQ. “All our teams have very high levels of security.”
Telecommuting has gone from being a utopia to a reality in a matter of days. The pandemic has forced thousands of companies to facilitate remote work, and virtual desktops (VDI) have taken center stage. Facilitating the creation of flexible work teams is the third pillar of NetApp’s strategy. The firm has solutions such as FlexPod VDI, “which offers the necessary performance to manage data” or NetApp HCI, “hyperconvergence solution that adapts very well to these environments”.

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En el caso de Ignacio Villalgordo, director general de NetApp en España, más que hablar de días de vino y rosas, los suyos son de vino y datos. Reconocido amante de la enología y la buena gastronomía – “me gusta leer, aprender y entender para tener criterio”, precisa-, compagina esta pasión con su desempeño laboral al frente de una de las mayores empresas de gestión de big data y servicios de cloud híbrido del mundo. Según sus propias palabras, trabaja para una empresa que ofrece gadgets con luces de colores, que parpadean todo el tiempo, con la intención de que otras organizaciones rentabilicen la información.
La gestión de los datos es bastante compleja. Gracias a estos cacharros, transportan, aseguran y permiten el acceso en cualquier momento y lugar de la información, ya sean archivos o bases de datos. Sería algo parecido a un disco duro externo, pero a nivel empresarial. Debido al gran volumen de su negocio, la imagen típica de NetApp, que este año celebra su vigésimo aniversario desde que llegó a España, es la de esos centros de datos llenos de ordenadores, cables y luces apilados en torres metálicas consecutivas.

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And now, where is the industry headed? With the evolution of the cloud and the constant presence of data, the future of innovation lies in our ability to harness the potential of the data we have available, and work around this data in our transformation journey. There are many applications running in the cloud (from ridesharing services to food delivery apps, etc.), however, the future is that more companies will develop their critical applications in the cloud.
One of your mainstays of innovation is Kubernetes storage, what would you say is its distinguishing feature? Its distinguishing feature is the use of containers based on virtualization at the operational level and not at the hardware level. In this way, the containers are isolated from each other and also from the host server. They have their own file systems which means that they do not see each other’s processes and resource usage can be limited. They are easier to build than a virtual machine and can be carried between clouds and operating system distributions as they are not coupled to the host infrastructure and file system.

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Luis Gutiérrez and Ignacio Villalgordo, both from Madrid, repeat their triumph and become the first tasting couple to win twice the most awaited and best-endowed competition in the sector. They were first in the second edition (2009) and now they have won first place in the 10th Vila Viniteca Wine Tasting Award for Couples.
In this 10th edition of the Award, the tasting couple formed by Josep Samsó (wine salesman) and Jaume Vilaseca (photographer), the former from Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and the latter from Piera, won third place with a prize of 3,000 euros.
Quim Vila and Siscu Martí -partners and owners of Vila Viniteca- are the architects of a prize that requires strict organization and logistics. More than 4,600 Riedel glasses were used during the competition. During the event (competition and wine sampling) 1,500 bottles were opened, 15 professionals from the Casino de Madrid served the wines, and 9 people from Vila Viniteca prepared and tasted all the wines in the competition.